2013: A Year In Review

December 31, 2013

2013 has been a year of success and growth for the Vermont People With AIDS Coalition. As we  move forward toward our 24th year of operation, we would like to take a moment to look back at  just a few of our accomplishments from this past year


Vermont’s Largest Gathering for People Living with HIV

As the days grow shorter and the thermometers dip lower, it’s easy to forget that  just five months ago many of us were relaxing by  the pool and enjoying the summer air at the  Vermont PWA Coalition’s 23rd Annual HIV  Positive Retreat.  Over 80 people attended the  Retreat, creating a rich network of support for all  attendees.  15 presenters delivered over 20 workshops and events providing our community  valuable information, resources, and referrals.   Our new location was incredibly successful, and  we’re happy to report that, based on glowing  reviews, we will return to this location in 2014.   Mark your calendars for July 10th-13th!


Over $4,000 in Buyers Coop Scholarships

The VTPWAC Buyers Coop provides  scholarships for a supplement that  help those we serve stay healthy.  So  far in 2013 we’ve provided $4,200 in  scholarships to HIV positive members of the  coop.  The coop is also available to the general  public, but scholarships are reserved for  Vermonters living with HIV.  If you would like to  become a member or find out more about the  coop, contact Roy at the office!


New Website and Social Media Presence

The VTPWAC website, www.vtpwac.org, got a bit  of a face-lift and some new features in the latter  part of the year.  Logon today and see the updates  for yourself.  Some of the site is still under  construction, but we should be up to speed soon.   Look for exciting new features such as Retreat  Application downloads, Buyers Coop Order  Forms, VTPWAC News and Events info, and of  course a prominent DONATE button in the top  right corner! Find us on Facebook and Twitter, and stay up[to[date on everything VTPWAC!


New Event for VT HIV Positive Women

In October the VTPWAC hosted its first  stand[alone event specifically for HIV  Positive women.  Over four chilly fall days the  Women Involved in Life Learning from Other  Women (WILLOW). The group, led by trained  WILLOW facilitators and an on-site mental health  provider, bonded over common experiences and  important learning. Learn more about WILLOW at  www.vtpwac.org


A Revitalized Board

At our Town Meeting in July a new board was voted in. The 2013-2014 Vermont PWA Coalition Board has stepped up to the plate and is ready to make a difference. Thank you to all Board Members for your dedication and time! The Vermont PWA Coalition is proud of these successes and eager for more. Our advocacy services and programming benefit the HIV positive community of Vermont greatly, and we will continue the fight against HIV-related discrimination, stigma, and isolation. You can help the Vermont People With AIDS Coalition! Consider joining the board or making a donation and help us continue our important work on behalf of HIV positive Vermonters!


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