CLEAR (Choosing Life, Empowerment, Action, & Results)

April 15, 2014

CLEAR (Choosing Life, Empowerment, Action, & Results), is a program offered free of charge to  Vermont residents living with HIV. CLEAR  participants learn and practice skills that increase  their ability to cope with problems and challenges.


For the past four years, the CLEAR program has  helped numerous HIV positive Vermonters make  significant changes in their lives, changes that many  had attempted before and had been unsuccessful.  The CLEAR program, through weekly meetings with a  trained CLEAR provider, creates an environment  where focused, congruent, and logical actions can  lead to successful results.  


Are you frequently overwhelmed by your current  stressors and problems? Does your doctor keep telling  you to quit smoking tobacco and you want to, have  tried, but have been unsuccessful. Would you like be  able to be able to express your wants and needs to  others without losing your cool or giving into  something that does not feel right for you? If you’ve  answered yes, to any of these questions the CLEAR  program might be for you.


What do you want to change?  Have you been able to  take action? What kinds of outcomes and results are  you getting from your actions? Are they getting you  closer or further away from what you want? To  achieve what we want we have to commit to doing  what it takes to attain it. It also helps to be open to  new ideas and ways to do things-- in other words be open minded and flexible.  


You are the one who chooses how to perceive your  life. Instead of this interpretation being on  “automatic” you can take that power back and change  your interpretations of your life situation. Are you  afraid even to consider taking the first step to make  positive changes in your life because you might fail?  Henry Ford said, “Failure is just the chance to try  again”.


By participating in the CLEAR program you will receive  on-going support and encouragement to help you  make positive changes in your life. If you have  repeatedly attempted to change an unhealthy  Behavior and failed, it can be difficult to even imagine that you could try again and be successful. Does your  fear of failing again prevent you from setting long and  short term goals?  


Research has shown that individuals who are able to set and work toward short and long term goals are happier and create more of what they want in their lives.


Make a decision to courageously face your self-doubts, fear of the unknown and question your  current perceptions about what you can achieve. Take  the first action, call and find out more about what the  CLEAR program may be able to help you do. Every  action implies a choice, even inaction.   


Three Vermont AIDS Service Organizations offer the  CLEAR program.  AIDS Project of Southern Vermont  offers CLEAR to people living in Bennington and  Windham Counties, HIV/HCV Resource Center offers  CLEAR in their catchment area.  Twin States Network  offers CLEAR throughout the rest of the state.


For more information about CLEAR, visit the three  websites, or call Susan at APSV (802) 254Q4444),  Wanda at H2RC (603)Q448Q8887) or Jo at TSN (888Q 338Q8796)


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